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La Bruyere farm is beautifully situated against the Witzenberg mountains approximately 9 Km from Tulbagh - an attractive and historic town set in the Boland mountains an hour and 15 minutes from Cape Town. The farm is 272 hectares in size, of which 15 hectares are established to wine grape vineyards. Other farming activities include winter crops such as oats and wheat, and cattle are raised on the farm when grazing is available. 

The two guest cottages are an additional interest to the farming enterprise where people can share in the tranquility of this beautiful farm.



La Bruyere Farm is owned by Jenny and Danie Kotze. Danie was born and brought up in the Gouda area and is from a wheat and dairy farming background. Jenny was brought up on a trout farm in Mpumalanga, studied architecture and lived in England for 10 years before returning to South Africa. They have two sons Thor  and Christopher. Jenny and the boys have been on the farm since 1992 and Danie joined them in more recent years. They were married in the local Tulbagh Church Museum in 2003.

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